We believe it is possible to make great furniture and decoration pieces differently. We are guided by three core values:
Designer culture  〰 Argot is a design studio before being a manufacturer. Our mission is to conceive great designs and to make them available in a responsible and sustainable way. All our designs are proudly made by the Argot Studio team! 
Sustainability   〰 Sustainability is at the center of Argot production process.
We plan to limit environmental impact as much as possible. in order to achieve that goal
  〰 100% of the material we use is bio-sourced as we use PLA a material derived from corn.
〰 70% of the material we use if recycled from bio-sourced food packaging wastes collected in Belgium
〰 Our machines are low consumption: our 3D printer use as much energy as a desktop compute
〰 We favor renewable material such as cardboard in our packages
Moreover, we are working hard to open secondary production sites in the future to be able to produce as locally as possible
Innovation  Innovation is our DNA. We believe new technologies are key to achieve sustainability and disruptive design. We are eager to experiment and implement the newest innovation in 3D printing and numerically controlled production.